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Vertical Jigging South Florida.

Vertical jigging in

the waters in South Florida is very productive and my

favorite style of fishing. Lets start with Rods. With

Vertical jigging a specialized jigging rod is best. These

rods are small yet strong and are created to work vertical

jigs with specific weights. Parabolic action is desired. It

is a matter of personal preference. Most jigging rods tend

to be 5 to 6 ft, personally I like a longer Jigging rod so I

can clear around my kayak if needed. I use Adrenalin custom

rods that are tailored to my specific style of jigging. What

you feel comfortable with is the best rod for you. As for

reels there are 2 choices high speed to fight fast moving

pelagic's or low gear to horse up big fish. Personally I

prefer small strong light reels for example Accurate Valiant

300 this is a 9 oz tiny reel with tons of power. As for

line braid is key no stretch and plenty of strength I

personally like 40-50 lbs braid. Leader material will give

you some stretch I prefer 40- 50 lbs Fluro. Now lets get to

the metal jig with free-swinging hooks, there are different

options again my preference are Jimyjigs. Jimyjigs USA are

well made durable and they all have superglow with some

impressive color schemes. Ok lets begin.. drop the jig to

the bottom and retrieve it with a rhythmic motion that

creates a vertical walk-the-dog action that's

irresistible to fish that will cause a reaction strike.

The technique works over featureless bottom, plus it's

effective when fished through suspended schools of bait. It

works over wrecks, reefs and rock piles. Also bouncing off

the bottom 3/4 times lifting the jigg 5-10 ft and dropping

back down is a great way to target snapper and grouper. No

strikes work that jigg higher 30-50 ft and drop back down.

No strikes either increase or decrease your speed. By

increasing your speed you cut down on your chance to get

snagged up on the wreck or structure. You are going to want

to use a heavier jig to keep you as vertical as possible.

Trust me the fish will definitely let you know when you get

it right. No or little current I recommend a smaller jig 3-4

oz. Grab your favorite jimyjig and hit up your local