She's a trooper in the water by 4am, kept up with the fellas and out fished some of the fellas..jpg
Usually get one of these a year, today I
Today's charter Richard got some Tuna today out of Pompano beach.jpg.jpg Hope they still around on S
Client Fawaz from Dubai got taxed.jpg.jpg South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg.jpg
South Florida Kayak Guides Getting it done.jpg  German first kayak mahi, nice work.jpg.jpg.jpg
Left em chewing.jpg.jpg
Southfloridakayakguide.jpgcom doing work.jpg
Fawaz double header. Aj on a punk pink Japo  jimyjig and the African pompano on a live gog. Not bad
Sebastian with a smoker king.jpg  Got'em on a Accurate Boss Dauntless 400 paired with an Adrenaline
Today's client all the way from Canada  with an early morning king.. South Florida Kayak Guides.._Fo
Bryan form Tampa came for a part 2.jpg.jpg South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg
Keith with a nice football BFT caught with a pink superglow Cancun bft approv
Today's charter Lowell from Texas.jpg Kings n Tiles.jpg _South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg
Today's charter Erickson with one of many sailfish landed by our group today. 7 out of 9..... Southf
Samuel from Chile got on the king bite. A few jacks and a small shark kept things interesting. _Sout
That smile says it all, Client German landed this nice mahi mahi on a Accurate Boss Fury 400 paired
Inshore Gag on my Accurate SR 20 paired with my custom Adrenalin Rasta Rod.. pulled em right out the
Today's  charter got'em.jpg.jpg South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg
Father and son charter today from Colorado. Dad wanted a kayak sailfish and got it..jpg
South florida kayak guide Kellan jigged up a nice king with a jimyjig Rudo.jpg.jpg King on the jimyj
Price with his second sailfish. First time offshore kayak fishing and went 2 for 3 on sailfish.jpg
Client German first offshore kayak Sailfish.jpg.jpg South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg
Keith with a nice mutton landed with a Rudo  hollow superglow.jpg.jpg.jpg JimyJigsusa.jpg.jpg
Matt with his nice schoolie mahi mahi.. Dinner and a show.. South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg
King me.. Mike from new York had a blast today.jpg
Next Generation putting in work. It was my pleasure to take em out...jpg
Now that's how you do a Bachelor party!!! South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg.jpg
Today's charter from Pennsylvania did some work.jpg.jpg.jpg South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg
Pete came down from NY and landed this beautiful sailfish. First time fishing, first time on a kayak
Today's charter Robert from New York landed his first kayak sailfish. _Follow the southfloridakayakg
Today's client David from Baltimore with a beautiful sailfish. A bit bumpy but his only day we made
Today's charter Nolan from California wanted to fish Hawaii but foul weather sent him to South Flori
Austin took client Zebediah on an offshore charter today and he is hooked! _Follow the southfloridak
Client Trevor from North Carolina got a smoker king, South Florida Kayak Guide Jon V got it done.. F
My niece Chanel with her first kayak fish.jpg.jpg
My buddy Paul with a nice AJ landed on a Pink superglow Japo by JimyJigsusa.jpg
Client Paul from Pennsylvania with this solid Cow.jpg.jpg South Florida Kayak Guides.jpg.jpg.jpg
Rich from New York landed this beautiful wahoo with his brand new Accurate Dauntless 500 that he pai
My buddy Andy with a nice Cobia, we went 1 for 2 today.jpg
Today's client Matthew from Michigan landed his first sailfish. Double hookup up.. got'em on that Ad
Keith with a slob Gag Grouper he landed with a _mullet_ Rudo Jimyjig._Nice work Keith.. check em out
Michael from New York landed this beautiful sailfish on today's Charter.. Book your trip South Flori
Bryant n Jenna drove from Wisconsin just to fish a charter with southfloridakayakguides They wanted
Smoker king, accurate reels, Adrenaline rods and southfloridakayakguides.jpg.jpg
Chris Wojohoitz Landed this beautiful sailfish on a custom Adrenaline acid wrap rod..jpg
Last fish of the year.jpg.jpg.jpg Wahoo on the Stealth fisha 500.jpg.jpg Got'em on my Accurate FX -5
Proof.jpg Dania Big ass gag.jpg.jpg.jpg Told u mine was bigger than urs.jpg
My boy flip landed this Boss African Pompano on a jimyjig today. Check em out at jimyjigsusa.jpg
I have been nominated by Norm Bekoff to bring some positive vibes to Facebook once a day for 10 days
My boy Brain first official fish on his brand new Arribe 1200.jpg
Jon and I hunting bugs.jpg
Game face on.. Accurate Fury with an Adrenaline custom rod.jpg
Dania Bugs On Opening Weekend.jpg.jpg
Happy client landed this King on a custom Adrenaline popping rod.jpg I can cast a mile with Adrenali
Found a few of these on my kayak today.jpg
Blk fin tuna 40 inches 36 lbs.jpg.jpg.jpg
30 inch mutton
Canal tuna.jpg.jpg.jpg
Good time with the fellas today.jpg.jpg
Got a chance to test out Adrenalin's new line of  high end custom jigging rod.jpg
Headless African pomp
Big black fin Tuna's are still around!!!
The good ol days.jpg.jpg haven't been on the water damn near a month.jpg.jpg can't wait to get out g
Adrenaline custom fishing rod did work on this moose..jpg
We found a few more today.jpg.jpg.jpg
Mine's is bigger..jpg
Today's Kings..._Southfloridakayakguide.jpg
Jonathan got his dinner.jpg.jpg
A few Bobo's to start the day...jpg
Saturday charter.. Southfloridakayakguide.jpg
Hot bite.. Southfloridakayakguide.jpg
Stealth performance Fisher 500_South Florida kayak guide.jpg.jpg
Got one today.. adrenalin custom rods did work today..jpg
Wahoo on a DV superglow jimyjig this jig
Day 4 fish over politics.jpg Grouper on
It's my pleasure to introduce South Flor
Made the next cover of the Extreme Kayak
At the Extreme kayak Sailfish tournament
Client Mike got his stripes today with #
Today's trip.. a little sloppy but we go
IMG_20190708_171523_823.jpg _Book your tr